Pop pop

Written by: kelly purnell

I awake at Midnight as if my dream had been just a dream, heavy breathing,heart pounding and sweat dripping down my face.I call for you only to hear the echo of my own voice."Poppop" i screamed out only to hear the howling wind hitting the window payne.It was at that moment I remembered it had been 2 years to this day that you left me forever.No more late night phone calls,laughs or our own little secrets.No more sunday dinners with  breyer's ice cream with microwaved honeybuns for dessert.Tears flow because of the very thought of me not being able to say goodbye.It happened so rapid you being here one week laughing and joking than gone the next.You've been gone for a while but seems as if I just got the call today.My life has been blessed with you in it and now that your gone i find it hard everyday to move on.I would give anything in the world to hear you once again your smile,your laugh and your beautiful blue eyes that often changed as if it were changing with your mood.Mommy hasn't been the same since you left her smile and spiraled and at times it's hard just to even get her to laugh.Nene and hornblower seem to be okay at times I wonder because since you left us all things haven't been the same.I love you and I miss you and now i've got to put on my brave face and tell you something I have never been able to say.I love you,goodbye rest in peace poppop,I can't wait to see you again.