Written by: Willem Pietersen


Keys by means of metal,
Glittering and clicking like money in your pocket.
Keys by means of aluminum
Opens gates to the new millennium.

Moves bolt to lock or unlock
Moves bolt to wind a clock
Opens heart for a kiss

Lips zipped hits lips keyed
Zips of metal not compared to her anger
Keys of smooth words,
Opens her mouth which is in hunger.

Keys by means of lever bottoms for music instruments.
Keys by means of solutions,
To problems and explanations.
Keys made for melodies,

Melodies, rhythms delves deeper to your soul,
Rules by key masters of my colonies,
Keyboards wrongly opened by masters of foul,
Cipher or code.

Keys for the future
Destination in perfection.
Success by the way of nature
Shining and glittering like gold keys
Unlocks hearts, carts, gates, dates, hands, and lands

By keys new lives are opened.
By keys hopeless love is condoned.
Keys for one’s life known by oneself.
Safe and secured,
Locked and sealed.

Only keys has privilege for honorarium,
For compensation, for honor conveyed.
Kept safely in the auditorium.
For audience to be secured
That’s keys for everything,
Mystery and the unknown.
					By Willem Pietersen