Written by: Hazel Connelly

Can you see my keys?
I can’t remember where they are,
See I really need to find them
Or I can’t get in the car.
Every time I walk in a room
It’s all very hazy
My remember is broke
And it’s driving me crazy.
Have you seen my glasses?
I’m sure I put them there
I’ll just take another look
Maybe they’re under the chair.
Sometimes I put things away
Where it’s safe you see,
The only person that it’s 
Safest from usually is me
Did you see my coat?
I left it on that hook
Oh! Please just help me 
Take another look
Often when I walk into a room
I say what am I here for?
I wrack my brain all in vain
And go back through the door.
When I’m out shopping 
I stop and have a chat
When that person walks away
I ask myself who the heck was that?
I know there’s things I used to do
But now I can’t remember
The urges that I used to have
Are dying like an ember
So if you find my remember
Please let me  have it back
It may have my name on
And I think it could be Jack.