White Sand

Written by: Terry Ledwell

Ahh the shimmer of glimmer a man,
Cannot wither or seem to withstand,
What a picturesque damsel she be,
Burning  sand into glass by her feet…
Every crystal appears as she walks,
Blowing  colors of wind as she talks,
As she's standing there branded in lace,
That's expanding the smile on my face…
Finest dust as it crushes so soft,
From my hand's as it rushes aloft, 
Not because it was blown by the wind,
Coming from the direction she’s in…
Blindly I see the color of love,
Kindly be every one it’s made of,
As I start sinking in sand  so deep
I can't think of another I’d keep…
Just like a canvas I wanted to paint,
I will brandish each grain as I think,
About her laying on whitest of sand,
Blowing the rest of her out of my