Daddy I Love You

Written by: Colleen Bono

A fathers love will never end,
you were my hero and good friend.

Everyday I miss you even more,
now you have your wings so you can soar.

I forgive you for the past and hope you rest in peace,
now GOD has you in his arms but my pain will never cease.

It's hard being so far away but know that someday soon,
we will be together again and our love will reach the moon.

Until that day comes I will be missing you,
and looking for your guidance to help me make it through.

Then we can cherish the good times that we shared,
and remember just how much our family really cared.

                                               I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE
                                          YOUR NAME CARVED IN STONE SO SOON.

                                                   GOODBYE DADDY I LOVE YOU!

                                                       COLLEEN MARIE BONO
                                                         NOVEMBER 3, 2011