What Do We Fill Our Minds With

Written by: Jim Pemberton

What Do We Fill Our Minds With???

We live with temptations and entertainment of all kinds.
It’s amazing what we allow to enter our minds!

It’s no wonder why many seem to be “out of touch.”
Many live very busy lives “way too much!”

Taking time to pray and read the Bible seems to disappear.
Until the moment problems and tragedy appear.

It’s so easy it is to forget about the spiritual things.
We live for today.  And don’t know
what tomorrow brings.

There is a God!  No matter what others may tell you!
He loves you so much!  Don’t let others “fool you!”

He’s taken the time to give you his very best!
He gives joy unspeakable!  And that’s not the rest!

He’s never forgotten about you!  He never will!
Every promise he’s made to you!  He shall fulfill!

No matter how busy you get, or where you are.
You’ll find God is here!  He’s never too far!

Nothing can ever compare to his beauty untold!
Not the finest diamond, or the purest gold!

He’s what you need!  No matter the situation!
Won’t you accept his love and wondrous salvation?

You won’t ever be disappointed that you did!
He will bless you abundantly in the life you live!

He will give your life true hope, purpose and meaning!
His gift of life...  You too can be receiving!

By Jim Pemberton