Written by: jeffry cohan


I knew this woman who took me to a place covered with snow
ice made the nighttime glitter like gold
she made romance feel real for the first time I know
but the problem was she could never fit the mold

I had in mind a lady DaVinci would have designed
I had a figurine figured out in my  mind
she took me out of the nine to five grind
and made a man see who once was born blind

we strolled down eighty-sixth street walking hand in hand
and even filthy ninth avenue seemed clean as could be
suddenly she made me understand
in her cute little outfit with its lace and filigree  

we kissed midst the snow on a dark December night
I swore my love to the young little miss
for months everything went along just right
until she discovered that dope meant more to me than her kiss
           © 2012.....copyright.PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~