My Hardship-2

Written by: Guy Chaifetz

So after the sale I had a bunch of cash
But I was too honest to bury that stash.
I settled my debts with all my credit cards.
And figured I’ll start over, it couldn’t be that hard.

I didn’t realize how truly bad the economy is.
And after 200 job applications, I say, “What gives?”
I’m 60 years old without a dime to my name.
Whose fault is that, am I the one to blame?

I get a few video jobs to pay the utilities?
What kind of life is this, someone tell me please?
I wake up each morning asking God to take me away.
I don’t want to be a burden on anyone, no way, no way.

So what am I doing to make life better, to pay my bills and whatever?
It’s not like I lie in bed and have no new endeavors.
I’m trying to sell web videos for businesses need them, don’t you know?
And am trying to build websites that bring in the dough.

I’m also trying to market video legacies
Where people tell the story of their life before they’re deceased.
I know there’s lot’s of money out there.
I’m hoping to capture part of that market, if I dare.

I also have a model where I do videos for businesses
To market their services online in this new world of synthesis.
I have a sales rep only on commission
With the hope she’ll help me reposition.

I’ve also booked time on a local radio
Where for $125.00 an hour I can have my own show.
I don’t know if there’s an audience,
Stay tuned as they say, if I’m lucky, I will commence.

So you want to know when I’ll pay the mortgage?
I don’t deny that I have the courage.
Give me until the end of December
To solve this problem, so we won’t have to remember.

A lower interest rate would be good and then some
But I need lot’s more money, a new source of income
Everything else is not really a solution.
Just pay your bills, there’s no other conclusion.

So that’s my story, that’s why I am broke.
I’ve tons of ideas with no money to stoke.
With God’s willing someone will want this sixty year old
If that person exists, I’ll make their life gold.