Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Written by: M. E. Hathcock

Just your smell brings a million thoughts 
to my mind,
When you speak you try to sound so 
Your soul seems so empty towards me 
like we never had any history,
Why has forgetting come so easy for you,
Blood, sweat, and tears for you,
Giving up on my own dreams for you,
Would have laid down this very life for 
The misuse of my heart and feelings 
saddens me to the core,
Selfishness and lack of concern just simply 
astounds me,
What more could I have possibly given to 
make you happy,
If only I had known happiness cannot be 
made but has to be found,
I always had mine but you had not found 
yours yet,
Never admitting this to me I hope you do 
A future that looked so promising with 
positive flow,
The existence I had create was only for us,
Brought to an end on lies and deceit,
Now all destroyed how can I rebuild in all 
this rubble.