Written by: Carol Eastman

After the card game that took place in the Bearagroves one day,
One of the Bully Frogs decided to come to our Troll pond, to play.
He was such a cute thing, though rather large for a Bully frog.
Still, he was most particular in what he ALWAYS repeatedly said…

Each day that summer, as I came out to give daily lessons to the Trolls.
The Bully Frog would take a look at me, and simply say… W-I-E-R-D.
By the end of the lessons, the baby orphan Troll, was usually fast asleep.
So as I’d tucked his blanket around him, with his club, upon which to teethe…

The Bully frog would come up, to look at me, and simply said… W-I-E-R-D.
You’re welcome to join the lessons, I replied each and every day.
But the response was always the same, W-I-E-R-D, before he hopped away.
Never did I ever hear, the normal sounds, that come from Bully frogs…

Till one day, I found more than three-dozen frogs sitting at the Troll pond.
Shocked at the number, I ask if they wanted to join the lessons, again…
But, up jumped a frog, which looked up at me and again exclaimed, W-I-E-R-D.
So I turned to him and asked him why, he kept saying I was so W-I-E-R-D?

The closest one, turned and said, ‘Because YOU are just SO, my dear…’
‘You know, you DO tutor Trolls A-N-D are now TALKING to Bully Frogs…’
He continued ‘I went home and told my family, who EACH had to come along… ‘
‘Especially, after you came one day to the Bearagrove like a crazy, wild thing…’

Apparently, I had been seeing a new Bully frog each and every day.
And I had to agree it’s a little strange… All the goings on, that come my way.
Perhaps… I really AM a LITTLE bit W-I-E-R-D, as they so like to say… 
But now, I can add a whole lot of: ‘W-I-E-R-D’ talking frogs to that... each day!