Iron Woman Camilla

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

Tall ,elegant and full of poise,
Loaded with more courage than the boys,
Rational minded and clear in her thoughts,
A strong character is what Camilla is made of...

Always ready to lend a patient ear,
Helpful lady that has no fear,
A thorough professional with a personal touch,
Camilla is cherised and admired very much...

Inside this rock solid character resides a little baby dear,
She laughs with all, while cries alone,for which she is well known.
Strong as a backbone , she is the pillar of strenght,
From whom cowards and the insecure maintain an arm's lenght.

Reliable and honest to the core,
Camilla is a very dear friend that we all adore!

(A tribute to my dear friend)