Written by: Oluwatobi Ogundiran

Blue chips stared - boring
Appraising. 'Do you have anything 
to say?'
I stare back. Bristling. 
Eyes streaming.Of course I had opinions to 
offer -
I look around: solemn masks tinged with 
dissidence. My 
comrades - are we faulted?
I am the Head; I must speak.
Deep breaths. I conjure my favourite fantasy
'We offer our apology - and hope 
we are still in your good books -'
Pontificates. Obnoxious man; I chew my lips
'Oh, if you were out of my good 
books we wouldn't be having this 
I stare at the faces flanking him. 
Baboons before their master. 
Nose spasms; eyes twitching:
I get the message but ignore.
Deafening silence stretches 
into impudence.
Sweet relish at his petulance.
You know not what you are 
dealing with -
Haven't you heard of the notorious village