Written by: Leonora Galinta

I WISH TO RECOMPENSE YOUR SPECIAL DAY I’VE MISSED to all poets whose birthdays I’ve missed and especially dedicated to Mandy Tams-The Golden Girl time flew so swiftly that I didn’t even find a chance to ask perhaps, I was so engrossed with my writes, arts or in my class but, a maxim goes, “there’s nothing that comes last as long as we try to recompense as we chase fast so, I am sending this poem especially for you from this day on, I’ll note the very special day of you birthday, anniversary, feast and other special day my warmest greetings will now be on air hoping so much to reach you all in fair I’ll specially mention in this poem our dear friend, Mandy whose birthday was last August 23rd day here at poetry soup is on of October 8th officially I lovingly greet her both a belated and an advanced joyful birthday my best wishes will be wafted by the morning breeze mellowed with my kisses and sweet embrace may you be blessed and showered more with God’s grace good health, good luck and happiness for you and your family always be relentlessly the golden girl all throughout the years Written: Oct. 2, 2012 My special thanks to our ever sweet and dearest friend PD for the information!