What About You---Come Live For Christ

Written by: Star Light

Each Moment

Do all things
Out of YOUR Love
For Him...

For Ever since
Time began..
God has Done 
For US

Jesus came to this earht
Jesus Died and Risen 
to give us grace Eternal Birth

God Made All things
God Gave All things...
God Done All things...
Out of His Undying Love

Everything was made...
We were all made
You and Me.. Everyone
Everyone and thing
that was made 
Is made for our Father's Son..

All Out of God's Undying Love
For Us All... 

How have you and me... 
shown our Love to Him?

What about today???
Come Let's Pray....
Thank you Jesus
For allowing us to know you
to be with you..
Today.... Tommorow.. Forever..
Praise's Be Always to God Almighty

If you have not come to Jesus
Come while there is still time...
Don't delay... Open Your heart Pray...
Holy Bible>Romans 10 9;10