Written by: C.J. dont have one

I got sundowners,
I got Rainclouders,
And I cannot eat
I’m physically and emotionally exhausted
But I cannot sleep
I self-medicate with
Budweiser, Michelob, and Miller Light
Those are the drugs
that get me through the night

The DOC tells me my livers way toooo gone
Diabetes been setting in far too long
I’ve lived a lonely life of misery and sin
I need to asked GOD for forgiveness
But the church won’t let me in

I politely asked for a Bible
Seeking answers I need to know
The preacher man throws me the good book
And said don’t come around here no mo

Over time I found faith
Years ago something
 I though was insane

Now I patiently wait
Knocking on heaven’s door
I pray every night
Not to visit the fiery floor