Written by: Maria Paz Samelo

                              Before I only knew you in our lesson
                    A legendary beauty that I adorn
          But when I travel to a forested place
I saw you looking at me face to face

                              You are standing under a gigantic tree
                    Glistening like crystals around your body
          An enchanting picture that I want to touch
Oh so beautiful and I love you so much!

                              Can I hold you in my arms for a second?
                    And touch your magically pointed horn?
          It’s a priceless gift I receive on my birthday
I am speechless and I don’t know what to say

                              Your horn is a symbol of purity and grace
                    Sprinkle your healing magic that’s my wish
          To the world of disappointments and emptiness
So that we will live a life full of happiness

                              My unicorn, so white under the moonlight
                    Can I ride with you and I will hold you tight
          If this is a dream I will not open my eyes dear
I will savor the moments with you forever

Maria Paz Samelo

This poem is lovingly and heartily dedicated to my friend PD on her special day. You are the person face to face with the magic unicorn in this simple poem of mine. Hope you will like it. May your birthday be a memorable day because we are here for you…Your PS family. Million hugs and kisses from me… Maria

*2nd Place
*For PD's-Unicorns Contest.
*Written by: Maria Paz Samelo
* October 02, 2012