Written by: jeffry cohan


You left me low in the high Sierras
standing naked and all alone
there stood I midst sorrow and sand
sorrow, sand and stagnant stone

there was one lonely cactus
almost lonely as lonely me
both of us begging for sustenance
neither of us to ever be set free

I can't find the path that led me here
and you might say that I can't take no more
you might say i've reached the end
and no one has ever been so right before

why can't you just get it through your head
there will never be a time where the middle will meet the end?
I'm stuck in the arid air of sadness and it's cohort
it's comrade called the wind that makes both that cactus and myself bend

we are blown to and fro, from left to right
and every morning greets me with a sun that cooks my blood
one moment of sanctuary from the heat would be a gift
instead yet another night I wilt like a a lily or a blood red rosebud

I tried to hold you but the sun got in the way
I tried to keep you but no water might I find
i'm stuck in the acrid humidity of improprieties
and that sunlight has left me sweaty and blind

so here I am laying low in the high Sierras
knowing full well there ain't no escape
I remember love sworn on dunes of sand
and picnics midst the misty beauty of the cape
 © 2012....PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~