Bubble Wrap

Written by: Karen Deeks

Do you think it inappropriate? 

To exchange ones husband for some perfectly devine
Time consuming
Playfully popping 
Bubble wrap? 

You see, Friday night with at least one square meter of the stuff
I could be amused
I could not be bored
Not lonely.......
Un angry

That yet again he has failed to bypass the Public House 
His Friday home

Hense yet again I'm stuffed....alone
Twiddling my fidgeting fingers and mind
Creating all kinds of scenarios which are
Far less than kind

Like murder beneath the patio
As battered fish upon the floor
Like turning up uninvited
And creating Mary Hell by pubs door

But if i had some bubble wrap
I am, so easily entertained
I'd twist contort the compliant material
Imagining twas his remains ....