An Eternity

Written by: Laura Mckenzie

To speak of an eternity is to visualize your heart, one clear as a window -
Meant only for me to glance into
To come alive in your arms of serenity is to breathe warmth into my soul
Some wait a lifetime to feel the joys we shared together
And I am filled with gratitude in waves from the heavens above 
Silvery bells of music chime a sweet tune 
As water is to rocks, a partnership of comfort rushing to its destiny 
Man needs woman where they bond in the richness of giving 
Woman invites man in a passionate moment but it endures years of devotion 
Loves blazing jewels, a treasure to who keeps and cares for it 
The crystal throne clustered in the eyes of a lover’s journey
Trembling free on an oasis of a faithful trip to integrity 
Echo the gifts wondrous and pure of a man to woman matched from God
Love is for an eternity