One Loving Kiss

Written by: Lee Ramage

Searching the internet, looking for your name,
If I could just replay our last five minutes 
I’d tell you I was scared but I did love you.
In-spite of all my faults, I know you loved me.

You’d fly across the ocean to visit me and 
patiently wait to spend time together,
Our trans-Atlantic romance was exciting 
but was it enough to make a life together.

You asked me to marry you and fly away
to Germany where you’d make me a home.
Afraid to hurt you, I’m sorry I never told you 
I had unexpectedly met my true soul mate.

I drove you to the airport, with one loving kiss
You left thinking there may be a chance for us.
I never replied, sorry -  the kiss was goodbye.

Written October 1, 2012
For Michael J. Falotico’s contest
“Where’s the Blame”