Illusive Unicorns

Written by: Joyce Johnson

I’ve never seen a unicorn,
I do not know their source.
I know PD has seen them
Because she says she loves them.
I think she fears someone would come
To take her pets by force,
So she protects her unicorns
By telling no one of them.

When Noah built his sturdy ark
On that momentous day,
Somehow he missed the unicorns
Not knowing he’d messed up.
But God with his all-seeing eye
Watched as he sailed away
And put two on a mountain top
With drink and food for sup.

They stayed there for a thousand years
In perfect sweet content
Without caring they’d been left behind
They kicked their heels and played
Without thought of loss or danger
When all the others went.
But food grew scarce and they must move
To a land of heavy shade.

If you should see a unicorn
Be careful where you blab it.
Remember he is in God’s care
And there are folks who’s hope would be
To get a cage and grab it.
Convinced some money could be made
From the unicorn you see.

Only friends of unicorns allowed.
Keep their secret, make PD proud.

By: Joyce Johnson

For Pd on her October 7th birthday.  Happy Birthday dear friend.  Love, Joyce