An Apologetic Prosy

Written by: Debbie Guzzi

There was a time, when I felt totally undesirable unjustifiably [I now know] and you being in your infancy felt so.. un-understood, writhing in a man’s body, seemingly a child with the heart of a warrior, a man, with all a man’s needs. There was a time, when time stood still, and time meant nothing, and age was but an unjustifiable number on a page of societal crap. I needed you. You wanted me. And so………….we were. There was a time, so long ago, it seems a passing dream; we paired, we parted, and life went on… Now, as time seems to slide by with the speed of passing film I remember, not without wonder…Who am I? And where are you? Do you remember? I am not at all sure [for who ever is…] and I am sorry, if our momentary joy, brought you anything else...In the deep of night sometimes [often, truth be told] I wonder, should I say….sorry? for loving you?