Kaho'olawe Mourns

Written by: Keith Rees

The barren, red cliffs watched over the crescent crater
As if they had somehow been separated
Together at one time, but no more.
Now, he simply stands guard like a lazy soldier.
Molokini revealed to me discoveries
Like birds and fish that never exist anywhere but here.
No wonder Kaho'olawe mourns.
The ancient guard was pummeled into volcanic oblivion
Yet arrived solely because of duty.
I've traveled just to see her, to swim at her fingertips.
My daughters smile raised you higher,
If only high enough to touch your guardian again.
Alas, for not.
I am the master, I command you to be present for my arrival.
And forever obedient, you are there.
All the while the red cliffs stare at me with disdain
As I disturb the mistress.
Go away! Oh uninvited! Let us wilt in the sun undisturbed.
I relent my title, I am a mere peasant disguised.
I do not sleep on gold, I only work for it.
It is you that is majestic, you the red-beating heart of these islands.
This tropical cathedral that is yours
Allow me to kneel and pray when I visit, if I may.
This crescent heart is yours.

Kaho'olawe and Molokini