Fridge Love

Written by: Karen Deeks

The anticipation of beloveds fridge door opens with an oh so sigh-worthy.....
PING! ! ! followed by her own generous.... 
She knows i shall ravish her
She really does not mind

The heart pitter patters as the eyes forage 
Bounty hunter.... bessie bunters
Eyes dance as bambi's legs 
Through the forest of cheese and things that please
And the odd banana dregs 

Chocolate... Coca-cola, all things that
Doth so.... tease
(but im on... yet another diet) so not permitted to eat as i do so please

I hate my skinny family the ones for which i dote
For whom i loving fill said fridge 
With things I'd so love to munch
but wont

My mind is starved my stomaches gutted
My soul is crushed and spat
Ill walk away with just 
Lettuce leaf
Convince my self... that
It is tasty its just devine
It is my just dessert
And watch my child with a big ice-cream
Boy it dunn arf hurt.....