Love Again

Written by: David Smalling

Love again
And love after love
Ends in dissolution of joy
I pause, not for me,
Because of this much I am certain
And long winded Socrates cannot pull the curtain
Of logics down unless a fallacy is there
I found what he has proven in every tear
And smile bemused with dry eyes
For I shall always be as I know to be
And who I am I know for certain.

Love again
And love after love
People come laden with feelings
Confused about their identity
Hoping to be cuddled, kiss
Flattered, fawn at, frazzle your nerves with demand for attention
And after every tantrum and scream
Sit pouting to be caressed
For you to beg their forgiveness for their childishness
And lack of maturity.
I could say "grow up!"
But you cannot tickle, cajole, or command growth
It is the spontaneous fulfilment of identity
The ultimate goal of maturity.

Love again
And love after love 
Have failed, people withered without fruiting
For feeling is never enough
And keep changing like seasons, but without warning
The whole view of world falls in disarray
And I, desolate, alone, face this storm of disbelief
That God has no image left in the world,
But I
Knowing one more thing than Socrates

t love is a person, a being
So that love can only be the gift of self
The annihilation of individuality
The final becoming
Of the ultimate identitty. Every cohesion
And pelvic thrust is not the satisfaction until
Bone fuse with bone, and flesh with flesh
And God and man hold hands in one united soul.

Love again
And love after love
This approximation makes us vulnerable
For ego is the only sacrifice love accepts
And with every flight the ritual of lies begin
Strand after strand
The decomposition of the soul
Marriages marred, melted in mist of tears
I stay peculiar with the years
From the potter's hand
I am the image as I am.