The Legend of Witch Road

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

The Legend Of Witch Road There’s a dark story that has to be told About the true legend of Witch Road A witch used to live there many years ago In her black creepy house where evil spirits roamed Legend says there were a couple of teenagers on Halloween night that camped the ground Curious to explore the witch that hadn’t been found One night they finally discovered the witch they’ve been longing to see They never returned home but there video camera showed the story She came at them with the blackest eyes that pierced against the night Tearing apart their tents to get them in perfect sight Screams echoes the woods as they all ran out with fear They all ran different ways but still their souls roam near About a week later, police searched the grounds All they found was tents ripped up into shreds and not a soul around Well the people who live around there know that on Halloween night They can here screams of the teenagers echoeing from pure fright And when they look out their windows They see the witch with the blackest eyes walking down the road Piercing at them as if waiting for them to leave their homes Perhaps wanting them to be a part of a legend that still roams…