the river

Written by: jan oskar hansen

The River 
The river that crosses the high plain like 
an artery has only muddy water since it 
didnĀ“t rain in the summer.
Wild horses and donkeys come here to 
drink, but often they look up and scan 
the horizon weary of man and his dogs.
They served mankind for thousands of 
years but with modern farming methods 
they are no longer needed and have gone 
feral. Free now, but freedom comes at 
a prize, winter can be hard and often they 
are hunted by sportsmen who kill for fun.
By the mountain there is a corral but only 
the stupid and sick go there, the rest know 
they are fattened up and used as sausage
meat, which the town uphill is famous for.
Every Octobers there is a gigantic party in 
the hill town, beer is senselessly drunk and 
tons of sausages eaten, the river, that crosses 
the plain, becomes a putrid pool of human 
waste till winter rain falls and clears it away.