That Is Jesus

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

That Is Jesus Just when we think that our problems won’t end And the tears fall like rain all over again Warmness appears deep within our hearts That is Jesus reflecting a heat’s flame we had from the start Just when we think it’s all over and you fall onto your knees And you scream with pure frustrating to end this misery A hand begins to lift you so gently from the floor That is Jesus promising that the pain will be no more Just when we think the sun will refuse to shine If darkness is all that we seem to find The clouds begin to move in the sky That is Jesus letting out the rays of a comforting sunshine If we gave up a long time ago on things too hard to bare Then we wouldn’t be able to live all the good memories that were waiting there For just when you think you can no longer walk but crawl Jesus always shows his set of footprints to show that he walks with us all