Twilight Fades to Dusk

Written by: Stephen Parker

Day's finishing gloss glimmers on horizon's purlieu
Rich orange truffles filter into milky fondue
Fiery sun's last gasps bleed through ethereal flue
With dusk's graying mantle, at steeples' crest 
A suspended bridge; Day's beams, Night's seams to glue
A florid banner with singed neon sparks doth preview
Mercurial parade of iridescent colors blending into 
vacuous milieu
A brass orchestra; undergirding pit scarlet chromium hue
Gilded conductor melding bright, dark tones into 
harmonic stew
Crimson carousels, violet pinwheels hypnotizing medley 
Dissonant base strings darker notes on sterile 
perimeter queue
Swarming silver waves blight the panoramic view
Dusk's murky yield; brokered shadows accrue
To Twilight's annual, scintillating pageant; bids adieu

purlieu- an outlying area; periphery of a zone,