Black Is The Night

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

~Black Is The Night~
Black is the night, and I see a lot of it right now I sometimes watch the dawn, the sunrise is a Wow! The dark, when it changes, to a wondrous golden glow Revealing a new day, rising over the distant hill brow. Happy I am to watch, this daily wondrous sight The magic of the moment, when darkness turns to light At first it’s hard to discern, the twilight of the dawn. Then as the sun rises, the darkness it does smite. Sad as the dawn departs, the rain clouds gather again When will it give us a break it’s just going to continue to rain? The birds don’t bother to sing this dawn, they are all fed up and so forlorn We are happy to become sun-worshipers now, and long may it reign. ©~GG~27/09/2012