The Blackland Tards

Written by: Mark Goodson

The sly full old wigget rageful and warned
Of any child on Halloween day born
Forlorn tis told of these blackland tards
The evil eye each blackish child thus born
Beware-beware-the blackland tards

How these but look upon a child’s innocence face 
Besieged to become impaled as stone-frozen in place
Yet the haggard old wigget is credence for our dismay
Thus before dark can children safely play
Beware-beware-the blackland tards

For the blackland tards are hungry you see
We who are the prey must the darkness flee
Flee the shadows of questionable clandestinity  
Safe in thy bed-covers above one’s head-thou art privy
Beware-beware-the blackland tards

But at last take care-venture ye nay from thy light
For seizing the curious they will give thee deathful fright
Doth the blackland tards doth lerk in wait
A dredful death and a meal you make
Beware-beware- the blackland tards

Mark A. Goodson
written for the Halloween contest
September 28, 2012