time for clearance

Written by: jan oskar hansen

Time for Clearance

I was in Norway once, the paradise of social democracy, 
I saw many beggars, mostly Roma people who 
the inhabitant wanted to get rid of or send them out of 
town in the woods where they were not seen. If you are 
beggar you got to beg where the people are, foxes and 
sheep and have nothing to give. There is a strong sense 
of nationalism in Norway. The police did not hesitate to 
round up Jews and send them to concentration, and when 
the war was over most of the police officers continued in 
their work upholding the law. Norway as a nation has never 
looked at itself and taking tally of the nation´s behavior 
during war years, instead it is lauding the few who resisted 
the Nazi occupation and made them into icons. They shot 
Quisling but it didn´t stop what made a quisling possible. 
Still has not done so. Oil made Norway rich, yet there 
is poverty amongst the low paid and incomers for whom
there is little charity. The dark side of Scandinavia- violence,- 
hate against people who are different from them… those 
who do not fit into the nice, but untrue picture the country 
have of herself.