In dreams of dreams

Written by: Delilah Ventura

Im on my knees kissing your feet
Thanking, God
He brought, you back into my arms
Giving romance another chance
Taking away, all my sad lonely tears
Taking away, all my unbelievable cries
Making me feel everything, is going to be alright
As, I hold you so tight, enjoying this sight

Kissing your lips, rubbing your body in passion
Sending my love , deep, deep into your skin
Making love , feeling romanticism in our soul
The vibes, I've missed so much, causing my body
To move like a snake and scratch like a cat
For, fate brought you back
Back to me

I feel this intimacy, in my skin
Causing my mind to enter space
Feeling, sweat of love cleansing my heart
I scream, your name
Louder and louder, until

I wake
Realizing, my tears have not ended
My screams of you
Where only a dream
A dream, in dreams of dreams
Oh, endless dreams