Weak flesh

Written by: Jay Anderson-Taylor

God Knows that I desire to separate myself from this worldly flesh that I do occupy, I 
would to I do declare! 

But because I'm bound to this world I'm bounded by this flesh and commit that which I desire in my spirit not to do, yet my mortal flesh does betrays my spirit in every way imaginable! Even when my spirit does declines it all the time! 

But it is my weak flesh that does what my spirit and soul long not to do! My flesh reeks of sin! My fleshly body not understanding that it will soon perish and return to dust! 

While my spirit will continue long after it does...I would pull all this flesh off of me if I could, so that my spirit and soul might be free and able to become pleasing to the one whom created me to do what is right. Yet, in the flesh am I weak and in the spirit I am strong!