You, me

Written by: Anais Pouladi

You don’t wish to hurt me
But you do

You simply want friendship
But I want more from you

I wan to protect you 
From all those crazy schemes

And the only time that happens
Its only in my dreams 

Nowadays you are 
The only one I see

But I don’t think you want more
Cause you say
“You and I just aren’t meant to be”

So I have no choice but to try
And move on

I still wake up screaming sometime 
Around dawn

For every single memory
Of you and me

Has become a part of my life 
I cherish lovingly

So even if you go to the end
Of the world

My vines of love in you 
Are attached and curled

I fought you for so long 
I should have let you in

And every time I see you
My heart cries more within

So the day you leave my psychotic state
Will be like a stormy weather 

I’m going to need a miracle
To get myself back together.