Written by: Zhian Mostofi

What the artist seeks to incite is a shadow of insight
Drawn out of the circumstance of desperation and regicide,
He becomes a spokesman for an intelligent design iterating itself into the human mind
He articulates the livelihood of the presence which confounds his nights, 
Tearing seepage in his imaginative unconscious 
Yielding unto the downpour of new words as unfamiliar feelings emerge  
Xenophobic he cannot linger, for in the twilight of his contortion
The strange uniforms with hypnosis,
To the knowledge that approaching is the ferryboat that is meant to take him
The manifold of novelty unbounded in telling
Would he surpass the mirage of his peers’ regrets for his sanity,
The man will bring forth a new reality

What is worn
Is spoken as a token of return
To what is felt beyond
Worn to transcend the alarm