Your Pen

Written by: Brittany Tilley

Your pen is your weapon, shield, and outlet
You expose your heart in every line that your ink drips
When no one understands you, you turn to the thing that understands you the most
And in your words you describe the things in which  you would like to boast
Yet you approach each subject with humility
Showing forth your understanding of a corrupt humanity
Most cannot see nor can they fathom the waters that run deep within
You do not vocalize it, the deeper meaning subliminally hidden
Unwritten are the unrecognized emotions that prohibit the growth of your skills and the growth of your spirit
Your audience is limited because you speak the truth and not many want to listen
With every finished piece you reveal who you are deep inside
You release it all there is nothing that you hide
Only the open mind can truly see
That in everything you do you reveal what’s underneath