so called man like you

Written by: kathryn ramirez

You said "I wipe my hands of her"  as you shook your stupid head
you wrote her off quicker then a dog that was dead
 but the joke is on you

her very first breath was very hard earned
and fragileness of her life was very well learned
but she made it through

her skin was so blue, her mother so scared
17 years old, but the dad never cared
shame on you

after her many surgeries she finally came home
you weren't there but she was not alone
her family is better then you

she is more beautiful than springs first rose
and she gets prettier with each day she grows
but you wouldn't have a clue

they haven't diagnosed exactly what's wrong
just a chromosome disorder, one gene where it doesn't belong
but, it doesn't matter to you

she sits there quietly with a grin on her face
because a better man came and took your place 
thank God he is not you

this summer is approaching at a rapid pace
she will graduate highschool, with pride on her face
we will not invite you

the best thing about my Angel being this way
Is she is innocent, and innocent she will stay
and she will never be ruined by men like you