my sons bestfriend

Written by: kathryn ramirez

He goes to school, learns and does well
just to come home to you and  live in your hell.
you never hug or feed him, or even give him a peck,
but, when the child support comes you cash his check

his school mates they mock him over his shoes
why are they mean to him? well, he has no clue
he goes to bed without a bath or food, or a story
then you're confused on why for his safety I worry

you're clean and pretty in the way your dressed
you never go out without looking your best
the men you see, know nothing of your child
then you're so proud to deem yourself "wild"

It breaks my heart to see that you beat your little boy
and It hurts me to know he hasn't even got one toy
for Christmas you spanked him with your fathers old belt
I know because he came to school and still had the welt

what's wrong with you?, why is this your goal?
is it that you're shame of being a wh*re is out of control
what happens to him in the years to come?
why does he pay for the mistakes you're running from?

My biggest fear in the upcoming days,
is that you will be too weak to change your ways,
and that my sons will loose their very best friend,
because you took it too far and forced his life to end.

I pray that day will never ever show it's face
and I hope they take him from you, to a better place
 he is so so young, too young to understand
but, not having you, is better then dying at your hand