It's a new Birthday

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

Another day calls for happy presence 
Of all hearts on earth united by birth
Ticking off the alarm clock notice the card
It reads Joyous wishes…Happy Birthday
Smiles my eyes and read my lips
Taking a plunge into reminiscences
Of the birthdays when I was small
Added on the years and landed college
Friends and gatherings …pomp and show
Treat, treat noises all over the corridor
Nice feeler even when growing old
And now this phase of being “Big Girl”
Responsibilities along with some fun
Happy Birthday dear calls up my Mother
Being grown up takes far from parents
Move all on your own…go on, go on…
Birthday showers afresh blessing again
From the home side and friends far gone.
Better half walks in with a flower
Rejoicing with the birthday song
Every birthday has its own charm
Even when growing old feeler calls
Still the pleasure blooming in heart
Phone rings cheering Happy Birthday
Journey of life reflects back in one take
Old memories do hit the road 
Cakes, balloons and birthday cap
A day out with loved ones
Makes birthday…a happy one
This Birthday a more special indeed
Its first time with the partner for life
Feels like living not just survive
Birth-day gaining a new meaning 
A surprise party and blissful time
Happy birthday…handed the gift …
of pure Love and more Life