love unrequested

Written by: jan oskar hansen

 Love Unrequested 

The lady across the road had beautiful grey hair, thick and 
glossy, I admired her mane because she was eighty five. 
Her hubby about her same aged died, I attended the funeral, 
open casket, in death he looked handsome, old man asleep.   
              When people get old some do not realize how old they are, 
               and the old lady, since I had admired her lovely hair, thought 
               we could be a couple; only I was fifty two at the time and not 
               overly interested. The lady took offence felt humiliated since 
               she already had told the villagers I loved her. 
               A day when I was doing a bit of weeding around the house 
               She came out; called me a womanizer hit me with her umbrella. 
              Well I´m not heroic, fled into the house and bolted the door; 
              and the villagers were greatly amused. She moved to a rest 
              home and I could go out without being assaulted. I read in 
               the paper she had just died at hundred and five, but I will not 
               attend her funeral….I think.