Oh Writer of Writers

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

Oh Writer of writers such a talent supreme
As a story teller you weave your magic spell
As we hold our breath, not knowing what is next
Like a roller coaster ride impossible to leave
Sometimes I forget that I need to breath
Thrills, wonder and intrigue a real reader’s high
Every story different, each one quite unique
Tantalizing us with emotions covering all
Much praise of your work by others not me
“I feel love, panic, sorrow and gratitude”
“Amazing kept me on the edge of my seat”
“A real talent”,” fantastic”, “awesome”
“Well crafted emotional”, “Narrative power”
“Left an indelible mark in my heart”
“Like walking through a maize, a great writer”
“it touches the heart with sensitivity”
“emotive”, “It leaves you wanting more”
And most important of all “keep that ink flowing”
These are words of praise from your peers 
As to come, many more stories to all intrigue 
Oh yes, Oh writer of writers it is not only me
It is up to the world now, your talent to see!

A Tribute to Writer R.e.Taylor and his Short Stories ( see Facebook)