Crocodile Grin

Written by: Karen Deeks

Manitou slides 
Doppelgänger silhouette
Ballet prides 
Twisted contorted pirouette
Pierrot dolls glare twingingly 
Stare wistfully from shaded mottled space
Ventriloquist disgusting tricks
From two deceitful 
The magicians hook 
Stare garishly
Whilst he wilfully reels in
Audience of ooh faced crowds
Doused in doubt, at just whats
A rocking horse
It squeaks the boards
With no child on its 
And forth to kiddie Hell
Wooden teeth, a glare, a smile, a crack
Puppets is as puppets does
Whilst someone cuts the string
A slumped doll, hair shorn
Skipping rope to swing

The troll which lay beneath the bed
Fumbling hands to grab small feet
Spiders who crawl purposely
To join beneath the sheets
But worst of all
Most worst of all, the dreaded curtain smiles
Which changed within a gentle breeze to something thats 
Most vile