Kick And Kiss The Petunia

Written by: Doreen Wright

I’ll have peace of mind at night
if you just stay out of my sight.
I have seen the light and
I now know that I am too good to be your type,
too intelligent to wait for this to get ripe.
The storm has expired and I am resistant.
It will be a waste of your time to become persistent.
The distance in our existence
has forced me to regurgitate you out of my system.
And I just…finished…URLING! 

You resurrectedme from death,
understanding the depth
of my souls last breath.
You didn’t rob me, you restored 
the energy that my mind ignored.
You added light to my sun and made it shine
all because you are so illuminating, the darkness died behind.
You inspired this shine,
you are simply divine.
I am so happy that you are mine. 

Entered in Vienna Bombardieri's Kiss My Petunia Contest