Emotonal Suicide

Written by: kathryn ramirez

right now she sets there crying all alone,
after cleaning that house that you call home.
she waits for you through all hours of the night
and you ignore all her cell phone calls,isn't that right?

Just a kid when she settled on you
too young to have thought it through
you remind her of how "worthless" she is
and how you don't even want her kiss

She goes to shower to cry her cries
she prays to God before wiping her eyes
she returns to your room, right there by your side
but, she just commited emotional suicide

it will be hard to notice at first, for you
but slowly you will see it the way I do
She won't respond to the words you throw
and when you take off she will just let you go.

she wont even look at you with love in her eyes
you will never again be able to make her cry
she already told all her heartache goodbye
when she commited emotional suicide.

The funniest thing about this story, you will learn
Is that you will miss that love, that you never earned
their is no escaping its loss, no, nowhere to hide
she will find herself, after her emotional suicide.