The Clown

Written by: Frank Scott

Hurrah! Hurrah! Three cheers for the clown!
A sing-song incantation of both old and young
His witty arsenal and outrageous antics
Kept them screaming in fits of hysterics
Why do they scream? This contortion isn't funny
I only wanted to catch a glimpse of my beloved Jenny
The joke is on you folks, you think this is just a show
But behind this carefree mask, dark streams of sorrow flow
Ah! There she is, sitting near the theatre's end
And this well- dressed fruitcake must be that new boyfriend
My eyes are burning, knees wobbling, crowd thinks I am just faking
Fools! The tears are genuine, I am really crying
Jealousy is shooting fiery darts inside my head
Three hoots for your stupid cheers, my heart is cold as lead.

Over standing ovation rings Irony's hideous laugh
Mocking the clown that played the Great Pretender part
While inside he was dying of a broken heart.