Written by: Andrew Crisci

When fate decides to bring you love sent on scented air,
you'll hold in your palm the whitest bouquet of clover
as the faithful glances in these enamored 
eyes we'll remain as they are today to last and endure;
we may fall out of love and regret what wasn't there, 
but which other promise has the strongest bond?

Ignore the sympathetic smiles around us, don't stare 
at the prettiest roses taken from the sunniest garden;
let's reflect over our life: what's to come and what we'll become after,
we must love each other and live in full devotion until the very end. 

We walk down an isle flanked by family and friends,
and their happiness mingles with ours as they sense 
the strongest bond in a proud man and a happy woman so thrilled and surprised,   
then we smile back at them and thank them for having come as they had promised.  

Away from the cheerful crowd, we kiss in a orchard of lilacs,
they are purple and blue with gleams of light on their petals;
I pluck some and put them in your gentle hands and you gladly accept them
while your vivid imagination paints a rainbow above to appease your whim.