Single Motherhood

Written by: Valkyri Ashaqua

 A boy child that knows only his mother
 Adored spoiled rotten like no other
 Obstinate mean ill tempered and rude 
 Manipulative insensitive sloppy and crude
 Athletic good looking healthy and strong
 A world ruled by men he'll grow to belong
 A father's absence he pretends to not care
 While his heart knows they had much love to share
 He watches his friends with dads of their own
 And longs for the father he's never known
 Was told that drugs took his father away
 But there's hope for recovery some day
Thanks to mentors of the community
A boy can learn respect and dignity
Thanks to family doing what they can 
A boy matures and learns to be a man
A mature man whose turn it is to show 
Fatherless boys the proper way to grow