Because It Hurts

Written by: Sharaun Bullock

So hurt I am, slowly dying 
Frustrated because we can't 
make it right. 
Mad because I could never see, 
your body was here but heart 
was no longer with me.
Sad because I can't let u go, 
this silence is killing  me, you 
don't even know.
Angry because I cry and I cry, 
and tell you my feelings and 
get no reply.
Disappointed because we can't 
be together , but still I will hold 
on forever and ever. 
With high hopes on you 
changing, or finally able to see, 
that I'm what  you need and 
with me you should be.
Your ex's are nothing , is that 
what you want?
Thought I was first in the heart,  
thought I was the one.
Did I move to fast? Were you  
really not ready? How long 
have you  felt this way? 
Thought I made you happy!
Thought we were on the same 
page, I thought we felt the 
While your losing no sleep, I 
fight through the pain. 
Got me all stressed out, Tryna 
fight back the tears.
While your heart is else where, 
I'm fighting for it to be here.
Putting up this big fight cause I 
don't wanna lose you, it seems 
your looking else where while 
I'm still trying to choose you. 
I'm all wrapped up, you got a 
girl Tripping, I let my guard 
down, yes you caught me 
Three years we've  been in this, 
so why throw it away? 
My heart's shattered to pieces, 
come make it okay.
Why aren't u scared to lose me, 
did I mean anything?
Set your  pride aside for a min, 
I mean do u feel the same?
Do u feel like I've rushed this, 
like I've rushed us? 
Please answer my questions, 
boy I
love you so much. 
I just want you to hold me and 
make me feel safe.
I want you to fight too, do what 
ever it takes.
Are you really waiting just for 
me to get better.
Is that really the truth? We 
really can't be together?
I'm asking these questions 
cause I gotta know, was it not 
that deep for you to just let us 
All these un-answered 
questions, please just give a 
Please don't tell me " nothing" 
when I'm asking you" why"?
I love you so much and your 
blind to the facts, I'm the ride 
or die girl, like I'm where it's