Written by: john loving iii

is Elohim a democracy
of Father Son and Holy Spirit

or Yehweh God and law
the kingdom over those who fear it

to each his own was given a thread
to sew a book with seeds

to each his own given the bread
to sup with the God he see's

when they tell the story twice
find the facts and advice

when from confusion we try to define
which is human and which divine

is it prosecution of defence
for each would have their own pretence

and we few so called scholars
interpet thing that so few ponder

grace and mercy verses the law
these are the facts the interpeters saw

intricatly placed in a complicated code
it's past our future in Hebrew told

Higher  Critics reviel the Redactors pen
the priest of the period their voices with in

a nation devided with two sets of kings
a tradition of writing  often the same thing

where do we find ourselves in this hegenomy
have not our captors a prodigality

and they that wrote the story now told
mixed are they that would be sold

another mystery to figure God out
only time can reviel what it's all about

but God in His wisdom left us clues
evidence of His being; things to use

a construction He bids us to put together
a story only He knew better

who guided the hand of the "Pious Fraud"
molded his motives with what he saw

remade Moses into a king
but sadly mistaken about one thing

one thing i learned and always heard
it's not about us it's about His Word

His Word, His bond, His Covenet that's true
one single story from old testament to new

the bible was writen by God alone
everything i'm feeling is God owned

by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
writen in books so men could hear it